Empowering users with critical air quality data, anywhere.
Air quality in indoor areas can be up to 10 times worse than that outdoors. While visible contaminants such as smoke and dust are easier to recognize, invisible particles such as PM 2.5 contribute to major health issues including lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and COPD.
Airo is a compact, portable, network-able air quality monitor and app system that aims to empower users with a fuller picture of their environment.
Design Opportunity
Most air quality monitors currently on the market are designed to sit on a desk, with displays that are not immediately intelligible. An opportunity exists for more portable, readable air quality monitor.
Environmental sensors visible through the frosted shell express Airo's goal of transparent data and clean air.
Portable, connected, accessible
The wall-mounted device and companion app notify users if air quality drops below safe levels.
The sensor array enables Airo to track a wide range of contaminants, giving the user total control over their environment with detailed feedback accessed through a mobile app.