A mobile 'home base' in the city, with a light footprint.
Electric mopeds are already a primary form of transportation for many urban dwellers and are increasing in popularity due to their convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Several mopeds may park in the same space taken by one automobile, a boon to residents and planners alike in dense, high-priced cities.
However, moped riders sacrifice many creature comforts enjoyed by automobile users. Monolectro helps address this gap with a second purpose as a mobile "home base" featuring amenities such as secure storage, device charging, and a standing worktop.
Monolectro is an electric scooter that contrasts a minimalist design with a maximalist approach to function.
The large storage volume, built-in wireless charging, and convertible “standing desk” decklid make Monolectro the ultimate compact urban home base, while natural wood accents complement the monocoque stainless steel frame.